Bird's eye view

သိတယ်မလား ဘယ်နားလည်းဆိုတာ။ 1.3 Mpx ဆိုတော့ သိပ်တော့မကြည်ဘူး။ မိုးကလည်း အုံ ့နေတော့ ပိုဆိုးတယ်။ နေသာတဲ့တစ်နေ ့မှ ထပ်ရိုက်ဦးမယ်။


tinkyawoo said...

as you are in photography as your hobby, I have stumble on a good Online Camera Emulator.

it's very educational and very good online camera emulator as far as i found.

I share it here for you too. (all links) (Shutter,F-stop (aperture) ) Film speed (ISO setting in digital camera)

Note the above are for manual settings only.

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