A busy day

Guess how busy am i.. time is running out... only 17 days to go!!!
During the final week of semester as usual, i have become a multi-tasking lady.
Why not give a guess what things i'm up to??? =)


Layma said...

Ajar...Ajar...fighting !!!
btw, what's in the box ?
I'm so curious on it ... Can I taste it ? :P

Alvin S. C. Lee said...

Ma Thinzar... let me guess... looks like a programming assignment on your computer... are you studying computer science in a Malaysian university? Good luck!

Ma Layma... that box of noodle looks like what is called "Mee Goreng" ("Fried Noodle" in Malay language)... it's a deliciously spicy food :)

သဉ်ဇာ - Thinzar said...

မလေးမ>> ဟင်.. အလုပ်တွေ မအားမလပ် ဖြစ်နေပြီး lunch တောင် ကွန်ပျူတာရှေ့မှာ စားရတယ်ဆိုတာ သနားမလားလို့ ဓာတ်ပုံတင်ထားတာ။ တူက အစားစားနေတာကိုဘဲ မြင်တယ် =( ဟင့်..ဟင့်..
box ထဲက ဘာလဲဆိုတာ ကို Alvin တောင် ဖြေပေးသွားပြီ။ တစ်ဝက်တော့ မှန်တယ်။ delicious spicy.. but not Mee Goreng.. It's Speghetti :) လာလည်လေ။ အစ်မကို လိုက်ကျွေးမယ်။

ကို Alvin >> yeah..
1. i'm studying computer science
2. in Malaysian university (i'm sure u get this point from the words on whiteboard, is that right?)
3. doing programming assignment

Good reasoning skill.. shud be a detective :)
But the thing in the box is not Mee Goreng (although it looks like it). I just cannot accept the taste of Mee Goreng here, too bad.

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