My last 20 days of being a student

Some of you might get little surprised if i say i went to school at the age of two and a half (of course it's a pre-school anyway)?? It's quite common in my country. Thinking back, from that age till now, about 20 years, I spent my life more at school rather than at home.

My student life approaches to an end (maybe for a few years or forever). When i noticed there is only 20 days left for me being a student, it makes me think about my life "Thinzar - a student". :)

Hardly could i remember in my life so far that i have a long vacation. During my primary & high-school life, i was at BEHS from June to February and went to chinese school during whole summer vacation. After high school board exam, i was back at Chinese school again till i started my college. A month after I finished my second year in Myanmar, i continued my days as university student here in IIUM. Never did i had vacation more than a month.

After 20 days, Thinzar is no more a student. Am i happy or sad???? I also have no answer.

BEHS - Basic Education High School


Anonymous said...

Best of Luck Ma Thinzar ------> FYP

Anonymous said...

Wow !! You should write a book 'My Long Walk To have a Holiday!' ...

I think It will be a welcome change and if I may take a step further you might get bored cos you never really had a proper Holiday so far... which will push you to find a job !

All the Best.


Yan Way Aung said...

Imm! One day we will meet that kind of conditions like u!!!!

mgthantzin said...

Well.. sigh. =) Similar feeling here, Ma Thinzar. Our attachment is in this very last (6th) semester. So, I need not go to school until graduation ceremony.

Feel like missing my school all the time.

May peace be upon you. =)


သဉ်ဇာ - Thinzar said...

Abang Choob >> i don't want to be best seller with that title :) it's better to be a programmer.. yeah, now i can't think of what will i do if i get a long holiday. I will study for some exams, perhaps, lol..

yan way aung>> mg lay nge par tay tae.. but be prepared to face it one day :D

mg thantzin>> At least you still can continue your uni, rite? Enjoy the university life.. But we can't be student forever.

TZA said...

ကွန်ဂရက်ကျူလေးရှင်း.. ဗွက်ဝတ်စုံနဲ့ပုံလေးဘာလေးတင်ပါလားဟင်င်င်င်..

သဉ်ဇာ - Thinzar said...

ဗွက်ထဲကျပြီးရင် တင်မယ်လေ... သမီး ဗွက်ရပြီ အဖေ.. ဆိုပြီးတော့ကို တင်ဦးမှာာာာာာာာာာာာာာာ...

AbDdU! said...

Salam there najma ..

first time at ur blog here ... :)

anyway .. its simple .. you dont have to miss anything ..

a human is a student as long as he lives in this world ... learning is an infinite process ...

Cheers and best of luck in your coming days ...

သဉ်ဇာ - Thinzar said...

abddu >> thanks for visiting my blog :)
yeah.. what u said is true.. learning is an infinite process, environments keep changing but we still have to keep learning..
Best of luck to u too!!

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