Final Exam Result

My final year final semester's final exam result is out today.. But sadly, when i try to check, the following page appears! sob.. sob..

First time and last time i ever got a compound throughout this four years. Just wanna save the screenshot of this page. as a remembrance..

It makes me looks like a bad student, huh??

Follow up: With the great advice from a friend, i'm able to check the results from Graduation Audit. Then the CGPA, just calculated myself. Just knew that many students were surviving this way without settling compound wink


Thet said...

hal... moke wal kyawe ya mal nor... he he

သဉ်ဇာ - Thinzar said...

Uncle thet >> Result check မရလို့ စိတ်ညစ်နေပါတယ်ဆို.. မုန့်လာဝယ်ကျွေးခိုင်းနေတယ်။ ကျောင်းက system ကို hack လုပ်ပေးလေ..

yin said...

don't worry, not only u. i also blocked 4 stay away from tuition fee. this is normal, most of student do like that. why don't u inform me that result cn check from there,if i know early..........i wl do like u,heheheheh

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