I really dislike telemarketing. I have no idea how the telemarketers get my hand phone number, do they just randomly pick up and arrange any 7 digits? Usually I would try at my wits end to avoid them.

This morning, I received a call from an unknown number.
Caller: 请问你会讲华语吗? (Can you speak Mandarin? –she asked in Chinese-)
Me: No I can’t.
Caller: Okay, sorry. Thank you.
I perceived the call was from a telemarketer thus I try to avoid it. But to rethink back, doesn't the conversation sounds a bit funny? She should have had been confused that if I don’t know Mandarin, then why would I answer “No”. It’s just like someone ask you “Are you asleep?” and you answer “yes”. -lol-


Nakael Sidek Karim said... you really know how to make jokes eh..i was also thinking when i read the post half way thru...haha...

သဉ်ဇာ - Thinzar said...

u thought i don't know how to make jokes ke?? :P
at first, i don't mean to make a joke, just want to avoid those annoying calls.. but it automatically ends up in answering "no, i can't"... haha..

အမည် = စင်္ကာပူသား said...

hi ma thinzar...i really got a crush on u coz ur so smart..hehe =P

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