8 random facts about myself

Saya detag oleh Hazrina to write about this topic. Also being tagged by Nurul about half a year ago. Feels like writing it only now.

1. I used to be the most talkative girl in class (till grade 7). I know some of my friends will doubt about this. =)

2. Saya tahu sikit Bahasa Melayu tapi tak pandai sangat la. Mula mula, saya takut orang kerna gelap bila saya cakap Bahasa Melayu, now some people even think I’m Malaysian. Credits go to my previous roommates who tried so hard to teach me.

3. At first, I’ve chosen to study IT just because of I was afraid to join Medic. The interest grew later. Now I’m lovin’it. (planning to had McDonalds for lunch. =D)

5. During undergraduate, I (usually with Nuha) loved to stay up to finish the whole Korean dramas almost every weekend. Don’t have any doubt for it! Can it be termed as a hobby?

6. During primary school, my handwriting was ranked as one of the worst in class. I have been scolded by almost every teacher for it (until grade 6). It’s not that I have a nice handwriting now, but compare to what is before, it brought surprises to my primary school teachers when they see my high school notes.

7. Just finished Bachelor of Computer Science few months ago.

8. Can I just write 7 facts? I don’t have a very good memory on remembering things. Owh, this is another fact, I have a problem in remembering people’s faces and names easily. It takes some time. (and I just remembered that I skipped #4)


htetlin said...

ajar saya cakap malayu

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