Defining PERFECTION for human

“No one is perfect” - I’m not so sure about the origin of this philosophy, but almost everyone has long been accepting it without any argument.

I too have no comment on it, till one day, I had the following conversion with one of my friend.

IRDA: “You know, we can define perfection for human beings.”
Me: “Hmm.. how? In this case, seems you are trying to go against what so called no one is perfect.”
IRDA: “Ok, let’s see. Being imperfect is one of the attributes of human beings… Do you agree?”
Me: “I do agree that. Then?”
IRDA: “The meaning of being perfect is fulfilling certain criteria or having some kind of attributes what something/ someone is expected to have, isn’t it?”
Me: “Okay, so?”
IRDA: “By being imperfect, we have fulfilled one of the criteria of being a human being. So, we can define perfection for human beings by having an attribute of being imperfect.”

This has left me with further thoughts, so, what do you think?????


Mhaw Sayar said...

အလည်မရောက်တာကြာလို့ အလည်လာရင်း အသစ်တွေ ဖတ်သွားတယ်ဗျို့။ :)

Apprenticeship said...

The definition of human ka htoo san da lar lo:)Lar lay bo hkaw chin bar tal.

Apprenticeship said...

Thanks for your support Nyi Ma Lay. I just posted "tip to the steps" lar hpat bar naw :)I will post some experiences about me and my friends later as you request naw. Sorry I have to write here since you don't have cbox. May I get your email? so that I can send you email for later. Thanks naw. Have a great day...:)

Winkabar said...

ဖတ်သွားတယ် အစ်မ။ ဘယ်လိုလဲဆိုတာကိုတော့ မတွေးချင်တော့ဘူး အခု ခေါင်းကိုက်နေလို့။ :P

သဉ်ဇာ - Thinzar said...

mbl0gger>> ကိုမှော်ဆရာ.. မတွေ့တာတောင် ကြာပြီ။

apprenticeship >> thanks a lot for considering my request :) i'll go to your blog and read..

winkabar>> နည်းနည်းတွေးကြည့်ပါလား။ ခေါင်းကိုက် ပျောက်ရင် ပျောက်သွားမှာပေါ့။

Tin said...

Well, that's nice thing n topic to share y(our) understanding.
I guess this issue may be subjective and also its depend.
In my point of view, as a human being every body has strength & weakness.
We, people , so call human being are try to wipe out or fulfilled our weakness for sake of own improvement...
There's two (2) question to raise that. . ..
1. How perfect is perfect ??
2. When can we dare to say " I am perfect with ....... " in turn of what ???

Keith French said...

As Irda said “By being imperfect, we have fulfilled one of the criteria of being a human being"

I agree with that wholeheartedly. We sometimes try to be "perfect" and we set up an impossible criteria. To avoid that I personally have to forgive myself quite often, becasue I am imperfect.

If we stop trying to define self perfection and begin with the attitude Irda provides; live each moment (in the now) and accept imperfections as a part of life.

Warm Regards

သဉ်ဇာ - Thinzar said...

tin>> human being are try to wipe out or fulfilled our weakness for sake of own improvement
i can say u r quite pessimistic in viewing this topic while its purpose is just to define "perfection" in human beings in an optimistic way..

Keith French>> yeah.. absolutely, the imperfections made up our lives more meaningful..
your comment did add up lots of meaning to my post. thanks.

Yac00b said...

Perfection as I understand is always subjective and relative to something. Now let me explain... For eg; the conversation you had with your friend, she told u that being imperfect is an attribute of being a human being; so he/she becomes perfect by that reason. In this case we see that the yardstick is "one of the criteria of being a human being". So my point is, it is awlays relative to what you want to compare it to.. it could be the individuals goals or goals that are set by his/her society or anything !!

- Ch00b

သဉ်ဇာ - Thinzar said...

Ch00b>> yeah.. being "relatively perfect" is another point to consider too.

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