Taipei: where to go and what to eat?

Hello 2016! One of my new year resolutions is to get back to blogging. I am sort of on a working-holiday mode, have been living in Taipei for about a year. I currently worked from home, and spent most of my free time exploring Taipei. I would like to share about the Taipei I got to know, let me start off with a master list and i will update the article link back here every time I have updated. Please stay tuned =)

Taipei skyline from the Elephant Mountain

Where to go:
1. YangMingShan National Park
2. Beitou: Thermal Valley, Plum Garden, Beitou Public Library, Beitou Hotspring Museum
3. TamShui Waterfront, Fisherman Wharf and Bali District
4. Bitan Lake Scenic Area
5. Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
6. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall
7. XiangShan (Elephant Mountain) Hiking Trail
8. Taipei Zoo and MaoKong Gandola
9. Window on China Theme Park
10. Taipei 101 Observatory Deck
11. SiSi Nan Chun (四四南村)
12. Taipei Treasure Hill Artist village
13. Keelung: Yehliu GeoPark
14. Keelung: Heping Island Park
15. Keelung: Badouzi Fishing Harbour and WangYou Valley
16. JiuFen, Golden Waterfall and Jinguashi Gold Museum, YingYang Sea and abandoned mining plant 
17. ShiFen oldstreet and waterfall

Feb Taipei Lantern Festival
Feb-March TianYuan Temple Cherry Blossom
March-May Taipei Awanda - Red Maple leaves season
Feb-May YangMingShan Calla Lily Farm
June Computex Taipei 2015
November Taipei Chrysanthemum Festival

1. XiMenDing Shopping District
2. WuFenPu Clothes Wholesale Market
3. Night Markets
4. Taipei Eastern shopping District (台北東區)
5. Taipei Underground Mall (MRT: Taipei Main Station)

Where to eat (Halal):
Link to Taipei Halal/Vegetarian restaurants  maps that I have compiled: 

I will try to update the map soon, to be in both English and Chinese. I have a plan to share how to find Muslim-friendly food in Taipei too.

Yet to explore around Nothern Taiwan:
- BoPiLiao old street
- Taipei Miniature Museum
- National Palace Museum
- Lin Family Mansion and Garden
- Houtong cat village 猴硐貓村
- Bitou Cape 鼻頭角
- Nanya Peculiar Stone 南雅奇石
- Teapot mountain 茶壺山
- Thousand island lake 新北石碇 千島湖
*to be updated


Yan Naing Aye said...

Thanks. အခု ထိုင်ဝမ် ရောက်နေတုန်း အဲ့ဒီ list လေး ကြည့်ပြီး လျှောက်လည် နေတယ်။ :D

Thinzar said...

is it? enjoy your trip! I am back in KL :D could have written more so that it'll be more useful, I had been so lazy..

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